Want to Get Started with Your Training?

Our first words of advice are, “Set Yourself Realistic Goals and Time Frames.”

We would not recommend that you attempt a really difficult and long trek as your first ever trek. Start small and build yourself up.

If you are thinking of tackling the Kokoda Track or Mt Kilimanjaro, then you should allow yourself 6 to 12 months to prepare. This will ensure that you are definitely ready.

Check out our blogs for tips when trekking to these two amazing locations.

Kokoda | Mt Kilimanjaro

Our Training Programs

TrekFit Australia have designed a 3 or 6 month trek training program to allow you plenty of preparation time.

These programs offer flexibility depending on your fitness level and over the duration of the program, build you up and get you stronger. Each week you will receive an email from us outlining your weekly training program.

We keep you motivated with our tips and advice and gentle remind you about eating well and looking after your body.

Absolutely everything is done for you – except of course the training itself.

Get yourself started today!

Here they are!

Our 2018 Trek Destinations & Dates

Kumano Kodo
15th - 19th May 2018
Kokoda Trail Trek - Papua New Guinea

Follow the ancient Buddhist pilgrimage trail that is the Kumano Kodo. The Nakahechi Route is an 8 day trek that immerses you in traditional Japanese Culture. Experience the famous Japanese Cherry Blossom Season whilst we trek.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro
1st - 11th June 2018
Kokoda Trail Trek - Papua New Guinea

Climb the World's highest free standing mountain at an incredible 5896m above sea level. An 8 day trek that follows the Lemosho Route to the summit at Urhuru Peak.

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Great Ocean Road
18th - 23rd November 2018
Kokoda Trail Trek - Papua New Guinea

As Traditional Owners of the surrounding Nation, the Ngatanwarr people welcome you to the Great Otway National Park, located within their Traditional Country.

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Mont Blanc
1st - 14th July 2018
Kokoda Trail Trek - Papua New Guinea

Arrive in Geneva and then head to the beautiful French Alps town of Chaminox. A 14 day trek that takes you through France, Switzerland and Italy with breathtaking views and amazing food and wine.

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Kokoda Track
Date Coming Soon
Kokoda Trail Trek - Papua New Guinea

The famous Kokoda Track is ready for you! Come and trek this incredible track and learn the history of our Australian Diggers who fought during World War 11 in 1942.

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